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Effective July 1, 2014 Public Act 98-167 requires Illinois driver’s license applicants ages 18, 19, or 20, who have never previously been licensed or completed an approved driver education course, to complete a six hour Adult Driver Education Course. The Adult Driver Education Course can only be taught by providers certified by the Secretary of State. Courses may be taught in a classroom setting or online, depending on the certification of a provider. Completion of an Adult Driver Education Course from a provider NOT LISTED, will not be accepted. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate of completion will be provided to you and then you may visit a Secretary of State Driver Services facility to complete your vision, written and road test.


Adult driver education certificate is given on the same day that you finish the class, that means that you can also get your license that same day too.

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You will have to wait up to 2 days or more after finishing before you can get your certificate in your email if you have one.

Live classroom at our Oak Park location


Only need to show your identification once.

Online Classes


Once every hour need to confirm your identity with personal information given earlier. Need to have pop up blocker turned off and in most cases some type of flash player in your computer or phone.If you miss 2 security questions which pops up randomly you will be locked out and have to retake the whole class and repay. Hope it doesn't pop up while you are in the bath room.

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There are only 20 question at the end of the class and 75% is passing.